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Thread: So whats it to be 6.5x47-260-7mm or 6ppc for the extra long range

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    So whats it to be 6.5x47-260-7mm or 6ppc for the extra long range

    OK fellers iam close to Buying A new toy prob a semi custom .So what is it to be and i need sum real good hands on ? like i'v got one of them input please . 6.5X47 OR 260 need it to do 1200yrd and able to use for stalking so not a rail gun fluted 24-26" tube 1in8 or 8.5 twist or 7 mm WSM same deal or a .270 WSM . 6ppc etc .

    I have got a Sako 85 in .308 but i just wish a speed pill say max 130gr 2900-3200 fps.

    I don't wish a long action so a 30-06 is out, also not a barrel burner that saying i will never reach 3k in pills lol .
    so a quick round up a rifle in said cals that can hold its own at any comp and stalking outing not to ott on the weight .
    paul o'

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    6.5x47 not 6.5-284 if you want decent barrel life
    Sako 75 6.5x55mm-Z6i 3-18x50. MauserM12 .308-SIII 6-24x50. Beretta 690 III Field 12b.
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    The 7mm projectiles have the best BCs, I would forget the 7mmWSM (very limited barrel life) and look at either the .284 win or the .7mm shehane (.284 impoved)

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    Calibre is less important than build quality and picking the right style of rifle/scope.

    just spent the afternoon plinking at medium range with some long range rigs and stalking rifles. Calibres 6.5x47, .308 x 2, 6xc and 7mm 08 AI. Makes bat, bat, sako, AI and Rpa. Stocks ranging from mcmillan, manners, AI and something very targetty on the rpa.

    scopes, zeiss victorys and pm2's.

    bottom line is big n heavy is better at range, smaller better for stalking. You need 2 rifles minimum, 3 if you shoot foxes!

    there is not such a thing as one fits all.

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    I had this fortunate problem of choosing a rifle 18 months ago. Thought I knew what I wanted from reading up on countless websites and forums, was going to go for a 20 tac for rabbits, crows and foxy. Already have 223 and 260 but in more range biased packages. Then gunsmith started asking questions such as main purpose, expected range and if it had to be multi shot or single. Suggested several options and considerations. Basically define purpose to determine most suitable projectile, its calibre and then build gun to suite. Now very pleased owner of a 6ppc too! Would say it compliments the 260 nicely. Have it in 1:12 twist shoots 58, 65, 75gr vmax and have some 80gr bergers to try but the ballistic coefficients can't compare to those of the 6.5mm for proper long range. Have a look at the 140gr amax and the 142gr berger hybrids wouldn't they be more suitable for 1200m?
    As mentioned above "there is not such a thing as one fits all". But my 260 would be a contender for me, but only if I had no option.
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    I'd be thinking 6.5mm possibly 260 , 6.5-06 , 6.5x284 , 6.5x47 or 6.5 Creedmoor possibly even a 6.5x55 .

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    My 6.5 06 launches a 142gr smk at 2880fps no sweat and and a 120gr nos bal tip over 3200fps, will be a barrel burner though ,6.5 06 is amazing at 1000yds, would do 1200yds comfortably, is long action though.

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    Thanks so far boys, i have been told the .284 was a burner .i have just sold my .243 RPA thumb hole hunter to help fund the new bee. I like the look tubbs 6xc but i don't know anyone who has one, on the scope the glass will be prob be a pm2 or some other good moa scope again. for now I use my 308 for all i just use 110 gr hp on fox's and 150 for all other needs. I was looking at the 6X47 but then saw a youtube on the 6.5x47 and 6.6.5x47 ? the stock may end up being a GRS keep it coming this is getting good and can only get better to find my new toy
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    The 6x47 is fantastic. Very accuate and can throw 105gr at 3100fps
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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