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Thread: Hotels and rifles

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    Hotels and rifles

    Hi all,

    I will shortly be going on my stalking trip,
    I will be staying in a hotel and I am told they will not be too happy
    with guests with firearms.

    where do I stand with this...any experiences with this or suggestions

    many thanks and happy xmas


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    I wouldn't bother telling them to be honest. As long as you don't leave it in the hotel at any point, better to keep it in the car (hidden) with the bolt on your person when you leave the hotel.

    I'm sure others will have a different opinion but at the end of the day your their customer and your legally allowed to posess the rifle, amd as long as its not left there (i.e. the cleaner doesn't have access to it) then there shouldn't be a problem.

    Failing that, why not give the local plod a ring and see if they can put it in their safe over night while your not using it....just make sure they give you a recipt for it . i have met somone who informs me he does this regularly with Milton Keynes police.

    Just a thought ot two...

    Happy christmas by the way.


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    Be warned: I heard that someone quite high up in the NRA was in a similar position, his rifle was stolen out of his car over night and he had his FAC revoked

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    Hi Daft Dog,
    thought of the police right enough....looked up the local
    cop shop on the web...and its a part time police station 9-5
    so that option isn't viable.



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    Re: Hotels and rifles

    Quote Originally Posted by ORIONSARMS
    Hi all,

    I will shortly be going on my stalking trip,
    I will be staying in a hotel and I am told they will not be too happy
    with guests with firearms.

    where do I stand with this...any experiences with this or suggestions

    many thanks and happy xmas


    where are you going to go stalking? I went one year to Fort William and stayed in bed and breakfast and told them upfront re the stalking and they were happy to accommodate and also got up early to provide breakfast and make sandwiches for the day. I only found this by the internet.

    How have you been told that they would not be happy, is it anecdotal or a direct answer to the question. If the answer is a direct no, and they refuse then it looks like cancelling the hotel and get another. You cannot make them accept you and your rifle.

    Perhaps if you identify the area you are going to, then members of this forum should be able to recommend an hotel to you.



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    I would be inclined to give them a soldiers farewell and seek other accomodation, if you are in a deer stalking area there should surely be hotels who welcome stalking guests. What about the estate you are stalking on, could they not provide safe storage?


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    On our way up to the SD Stalking week we went to a little B&B in Blackpool took us ages to find somewhere told the guy we were going shooting he was a bit dudious at first but when we exlpained they were made safe no probs at all.
    Although his eyebrows were a little raised when he saw the artillery being unloaded from the truck
    In fact he was asking me all about our trip in the end, and unbelievably the bloody truck broke down in the morning he offered to let us store our guns in his private quarters while we sorted the RAC.
    Think if you are honest and straight forward with people generally they are ok with it, my mum had asmall hotel / B&B place in Derbyshire we had loads of shooters stay who shot at the nearby estates as the word got round we had a gunroom where guests could safely store their guns.

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    I am awaiting reply from the estate on this question, trying to
    keep my options open if the answer is in the negative.
    My wife booked the hotel for me as I am away from home
    working at the moment, she knows a lot about hotels and knows
    this one personally,hence I get a good deal
    Think I may just go with the hard rectangular ( its a musical instrument ) case musicians usually wear cammo !!


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    This post just jogged a memory cell, , Arran ferry terminal, spotty jobs worth sees stickers on truck, asks are we carrying firearms, answer "yes", "well you'll have to hand over your ammunition then", prolonged toing & froing about his not having legal right to be in possesion of expanding ammunition, & our not being allowed to board the vessel, in the end we let him hold the bolts, The local sergeant plod off the island was travelling too, & he put the captain right about the ammunition!, It was mentioned in the small (read tiny) print about firearms, though we had never been challenged on our many previous crossings, spotty youth avoided us like the plague on the return trip.

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    Finnbear What did you think LACS stood for on his lapel badge ? Polite answers please.

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