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    Hi Chaps i am based in fife , I have applied for my FAC i hold a shotgun certificate what is the average waitting time for an acceptence? I was visited 3 months ago by the firearms officer on renewal of my S/C cheers rob shooter.

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    hi just give feo a ring he/she will probably tell you its ok and on its way, like everything in life you need or want ,sometimes youve just got to bide your time. atb doug.

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    I'm just over the bridge from you and I got mine in 3 weeks after the FEO visit but I have heard there is a little bit of a backlog at the moment.
    May be worth a chase up call just to see what the state of play is

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    They'll almost certainly have to do another home visit before issuing the FAC. Madness I know, but they have their rules which shall not be bent...

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