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Thread: extraction sledges

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    Cool extraction sledges

    I have to cull half a dozen fallow in the next week or so in a very wet area I have no quad and the landowner is slightly nervous of his tractors getting stuck does anyone use the large sledges sold from bushwear etc they would involve a drag of three hundred yard maximum one at a time as three are rather large boys. Failing this any one local with an argo or hovercraft who wants to play.

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    Not used the one you're talking about, but I use the trays FC use which are bigger, for reds. I can drag a 100kg stag on my own albeit slowly and I wouldn't want to do it for hundreds of meters, but they work well.
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    I don't have one as yet, but am willing to give you a hand, I am free at the weekend or friday evening..

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    I use a plasterers tray, dragged reds and fallow out, drill a hole in the corners at one end, attach a rope and away you go. a over the shoulder strummer harness is great if you have one, have put two bucks in it and managed to drag them out on my own, cheaper as well.

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    I own one similar to the Bushwear sled, I highly recommend them especially if it's your only means of extraction.

    A 300 yard drag would be no problem for you.

    I learnt my lesson after shooting a Fallow at last light on my own with a similar distance to drag with only the aid of shanks pony, I'm just grateful it was not to big but never again.

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    I saw Jonathan Standing's contraption (when I did my DSC2 with him) and copied it. A 50 gallon plastic drum cut in half and then the 'middle' ends removed and two rope hinges put in, Then cut a notch in the top end for the neck to sit in and attach a dragging rope.

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    This sort of thing works very well: DEER DRAG MAGNUM SLEDGE | eBay I saved a few bob by making one myself with a sheet of HDPE from these folk: 2mm - HDPE Black Sheet - Direct Plastics Online

    I know it works - as does 243varmint, who has a habit of shooting big fallow as far away from the road as he can. The advantage, over a rigid drag sled, is that you can simply roll the thing up and carry it slung over your shoulder.

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    I use one of these in XL size and have managed very well couldn't live without it now, brilliant piece of kit and can be used for multiple tasks fom dragging decoying equipment firewood and of course deer, handles even large red stags relatively easily I say relatively you still have to drag

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    I have been looking at these as some of the Roe I shoot have to go over 2 miles back to the motor. Loooong drags !!

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