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Thread: Boxing Day Shoots?

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    Boxing Day Shoots?

    Any one had any invites to do the Boxing Day Shoot?, I'm gonna have to dig out a tie & tweeds for mine High Sherrif's place, Woodies , followed by Duck flighting.Steve. Anyone know how to get spiders out of shotguns?

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    Finnbear 270
    there is a Perfectly easy solution to your predicament on the spider front
    first you catch a small bird...this time of year a robin would do....
    I'll leave the rest to your imagination


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    I have an invite to a local boxing day shoot, I better book a lift as I will be in no state to drive home afterward.

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    All being well it will be our Association Boxing Day Shoot for me, a walk a beat and stand affair with an anticipated bag of between 30 and 50 pheasants, hopefully a woodcock or three, they have been scarce around here so far this season, maybe a pigeon also. No ground game or wildfowl is the rule the former for safety and the latter for legality.


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    you dont have much success with people giving you a lift. Ensure that they sign a declaration not to kidnap you. And ensure that they have a map or something similar to aid you getting home.

    Have a good day out

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    Good point,

    its only 3 miles in a straight line, 5 by road.

    the last time I tried walking back from there in daylight and sober I fell in the ditch, no way am I attempting it in the dark....

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    Have been invited to two Boxing Day Shoots this year but will be at my syndicates half day wander as I'm secretary & someone's got to hold it all together as the others walk off the Christmas Day excess's

    Hope everyone shooting has a great day.


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