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Thread: Harkila wellies any good ?

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    Harkila wellies any good ?

    My current pair of French Wellies just died, so I need a new pair. I've been told Harkila offer an excellent pair of 5mm neoprene's zipped. Does anyone have any experience of them ?

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    They are very good,
    try Richmond gun shop on here 01953882900 ask Karen she will give you discount on a pair

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    Just back from Sweden and two mates had them and said they were very good, will be my next pair!!


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    Definitely give Richmond Gun shop a call, great service from Karen and discount for SD members. She sorted me with a Harkila Pro Hunter X jacket.

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    Had mine since November and they have no been of feet,they look good and fit really well,I got the ones with the full zip.

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    Wife got a pair about 6 months ago and kept telling how good they were,so i gave in and got a pair and got to say up to yet there the warmest and most comfortable wellies I,ve worn.(muck boots,seals,sealand,aigle tried them all)worn all day everyday on farm.

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    They certainly look pretty good: Harkila Forester 17 Zip 5mm H-Vent Wellington Boot | Richmond Sporting Agency

    I've had two pairs of Le Chameau wellies leak in the last six months, so time to try something else.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I got a pair of the 17" h-vent foresters when they came out best wellingtons I have had
    The french efforts don't come close and I have tried them all,
    The Harkilas are a bit heavy when you pick them up but on wearing them they fit like a glove I got them from Uttings and got a great deal,
    When they wear down a bit I will just buy another pair as I wear them all the time and can't fault them.

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    Well guys, thanks for the feedback - Harkila forester it is

    Looking forward to to dry feet again !!

    And thanks for the store recommendations, I will try them

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    Just got a pair of these and they are excellent.
    Went for the Foresters with the side zips very comfortable and well made. Look and feel superior to Le Chameau.
    Got mine from Montrose Guns and Tackle for 159.99 including free delivery, best price I could find and brilliant service.



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