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Thread: Another member satisfied.

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    Another member satisfied.

    After seeing fleeing deer as a common thing in the crunchy snow we had a break this morning although the snow was frozen it seemed to be "softer" and so quieter.
    Getting the crosshairs on a buck first thing I thought there's some hope this morning.
    There were slots everywhere certainly plenty of deer moving during the dark hours.
    After stalking and waiting near the pheasant feeder then on to the next and a wait we hadn't produced a doe.
    Gently backtracking we caught a glimpse of that tell tale shape, no two working along the bottom end of the wood.
    The wind was at best OK a gentle crosswind.
    If we moved quickly we could intercept them.
    After a dash we were in position and waited , and waited , and waited......
    nothing appeared.
    They hadn't sussed us so had they laid down.
    I left the client on the sticks while I eased myself to the wood edge to try and locate the deer.
    Looking back over my shoulder I saw him raise his rifle.
    bug**r I thought they are on there way.
    Twigging them CLOSE I just had time to turn on the camera and this is the result

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    nice one,i had a great morning on monday even though it was noisey to stalk at least i managed a glimse of some roe cant wait to get back out with you soon hopefully the weather will start to pick up all the best,wayne

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    What sort of a range was that? It looked pretty close on the video, good stalking! Good shooting too amongst all those trees. 8)

    Normally at that range in that sort of density woodland I would be looking at two white rumps disappearing at speed between trees.

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    Nice, unfortunatey I could watch it all due to the very pretty white t-shirt wearing large chested young blonde in the advert on the left which took priority

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    now thats some snow camo

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    Thanks John. Had a good couple of days.
    See you in the new year.

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