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Thread: Shooting Books

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    Shooting Books

    Book 1. The Gun & it's development by W W Greener 800 pages 20 posted

    Book 2. The Gun Digest Book of Exploded Firearms Drawings
    Expanded 3rd edition
    470 isometric views of guns
    15 posted

    Book 3. Speer Reloading Manual no 13

    12 posted

    Book 4. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of 19th Firearms
    200 pages All colour
    15 posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by tedsalad View Post
    Book 3. Speer Reloading Manual no 13

    12 posted

    Yes please, PM payment details please.


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    Speer sold to Neil pending

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    Hello Mr Salad.
    Could I please have the Greener. I will pay 5% paypal fee.


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    Greener book sold to Bryan

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    Thanks Tedsalad. Funds sent.


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    Hi could I have book number 2 please? I dont have paypal but can put payment into account or cash. Where abouts are you as I'm maybe able to collect

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    Ok exploded firearms is yours.

    I live in Harefield near Denham

    Bank transfer or cash is fine.



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    Not as close as I hoped owell it will have to be posted. if you can pm me you bank details I will transfer money over to you
    Thanks adrian

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    Payment sent my freind

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