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Thread: Snow Camo - Chav It Up

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    Snow Camo - Chav It Up

    So anyway I'm stalking up in Sutherland tomorrow (if I can get there) and didn't have any snow camo gear as I wasn't expecting the snowy stuff. I was in town this morning and this poor chav was in white tracksuit, burbury cap and bling flashing away thinking he was the ****. Bingo!!!

    So off to Chav central TKmax and got myself a Adidas white tracksuit to use over my warm gear and presto snow camo!

    I is got a me a fine bo-yackasha suit so i az proper pop a cap in da bambi ass init. I might look like a penis to the rest of you but I'll improve my chances in the snow. Happy days!

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    Shame to get blood on that matey.
    did you get the bling to match.??

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    Disposable painters (spray) overalls, they even have a hood attached!

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    All it really takes is a butchers white coat .

    If you want to go the full hog phone silvermans they'll sell you the full white cammo suit.

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    just ordered one off fleabay today 13.00

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    All this lavish expenditure on white-out clothing is bound to make the thaw set in....


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    I would be lucky if I had some stalking As a bowler I have whire waterproofs. Go on fleabay and put in bowler jacket and trousers. Jim

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    I have the smock top in cotton (quiet), in off white, issued to troops in the eastern bloc. A distinctly different colour to my bud,he has the one that is glaring white with green splashes.

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    This weather I lapse and use camo, Advantage blends in well with marsh grass and dry stain dykes.
    Also sticks out less against those tall green things that most of us stalk amongst!

    You have not lived until you've gone out stalking in a thickly padded advantage romper suit, sub-zero but still toasty.

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    Unless your on the open hill a pair of white strides is all you need, cuts out the movement of your legs


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