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Thread: Tubular scales for measuring deer heads.

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    Tubular scales for measuring deer heads.

    A couple of professional `PESOLA` head weighing scales made by Oskar Ludi & Co. Basle, Switzerland.
    Ideal for CIC weighing of Roe etc. Both are in virtually new condition and boxed.

    No. 1 :- 0-500 grams, black.
    No. 2 :- 0-1500 grams, blue.

    25 each, first class post paid.


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    Prices reduced to 20 each now, post paid.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigboab29 View Post
    pm sent
    Thank you Sir, a reply has been sent.
    Regards, HWH.

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    500 gram scale sold to `moose` pending receipt of payment.


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    Payment received and item despatched.
    Thank you Sir.
    The 1500gram/3 pound model is still available, also ideal for weighing trout etc.

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    Scales arrived today, all good.

    Thanks HWH,


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