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Thread: Mixed roughshooting over dogs for 3 guns, Southern England, 2014-15 season

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    Mixed roughshooting over dogs for 3 guns, Southern England, 2014-15 season

    Having just been on the last outing of yet another fruitless wildfowling season, my friends and I have decided to take a different tack for the 2014-15 season, and I thought I may as well start planning now. What wed like would be a day or two of mixed roughshooting from late November to January. We have no interest in numbers, but we would like to at least have the chance to miss a few shots each. Ideally, it would be great to have the services of a dog or two and their handler, since we have none. Currently there are three of us in on this, and were split between London and Bristol, so anywhere in between would do, although we could also shift to East Anglia. Frankly, well entertain any suggestions. Finally, it has to be at the weekend, so wed probably be looking to stay in a pub or a friendly B&B. We can work out our own accommodation if needs be.

    We dont have a huge amount of money to throw at this, and I honestly dont have a very good idea of the budget wed be looking at. But it would be good to come home with the odd rabbit, pheasant or woodcock in the game bag for a change (used to have access to some brilliant woodcock woods, but the wildfowling club lost the FC leases). Im open to suggestions, and I have almost a year to look into this.


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    Speak to Ben c off here he will sort you out

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    Thanks, we're in touch. Looks promising!

    Anyone else have any suggestions? I thought I may try a couple of places for variety. Or "research" as I may tell Mrs PM.

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    I'm resurrecting an old thread because it looks like timings aren't going to work out with the offer I'd retained a few months back. No-one's fault, but my friends can only make weekends unfortunately. So if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Pine Martin,

    Sorry to hear about giving you up Wildfowling, what club were you a member of?

    I recently contacted a Roving Syndicate called Rough Rovers who run a variety of days throughout the season, Mainly in Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset I think, all mixed bag rough days and you can buy as many or as few days as you want. I haven't been on one yet but intend to this season so I can't give any first hand experience.

    If it's just Woodcock you're after. There is club called the Okehampton Woodcock Club obviously shooting around Okehampton in Devon, a little further West but it's really good value and great fun. Last time I went I Shot three woodcock and a snipe. I was very close to pulling off a right and left.

    If either are of interest PM me and I'll dig out the details/contact numbers and ping them over.



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    Hello Jonesie!

    Before I say anything else, I AM NOT GIVING UP WILDFOWLING! Just broadening the scope a bit to keep people interested.

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    I'm aware of the Okehampton Woodcock Club, and it looks fantastic by all accounts. But if I'm not much mistaken, they only shoot on Wednesdays, and it needs to be a weekend for us unfortunately. The Rough Rovers syndicate sounds interesting though, if you have some details. Thanks a lot!

    I found this on GunsOnPegs which looks like it could tide us over:
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    check out the advert from woodland stalker in this section.not far from bristol

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    Good, i'm glad to hear it!

    I will PM you the details for the rough rovers. Yes you are right about Okehampton Woodcock club come to think of it but if you ever have the time I highly recommend it.


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    Shame you aren't closer by, Pine Marten.
    Did you get sorted yet?

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