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    Hi, have recently pillar bedded my cz 452 varmint HB and have improved accuracy a little. The gun was giving 1" plus groups at 50M but improved to about 5/8" groups after bedding. Does'nt sound like much improvement but gives me a bit more confidence taking head shots. Will try and load some pics if I can figure out how. Phil

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    I had a practice on my 452 a year or so ago, just incase I messed it up and I removed the front mounting bolt that attaches to the barrel. Shoots minute of rabbit at 80yrds now, plus I get that warm feeling inside with a job well done whenever I use it!

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    Hi Jordan's, yes I know what you mean about warm feeling, confidence in my kit is very rewarding. I bedded mine down to just before the barrel lug , I also made a stainless steel socket for the barrel lug to sit in. If you don't use the barrel lug how is the rifle with one action bolt ?.

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    Absolutely solid mate. The bedding holds it in place nicely - I actually got the idea from somewhere on the net. I've dropped the rifle since it was bedded (sling broke!!) and its still fine. It probably helps its only 12 1/2" barrel.

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