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Thread: Blades, cuttlefish and diswashers

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    Just opened my knife drawer here in Oman where I work and saw the Cuttlefish bone. The reason it is there is it is an excellent "strop" for a blade. (A South African mate told me about this. I tried it and it works)

    One side (the harder side) is good for turning back any burr, the other is superb for honing a fine edge. Be warned that it is very messy as calcium will get all over the place.

    Any-one living near the coast (anywhere) should easily some washed up. If further inland try a pet shop. Caged birds eat 'em and reptiles (tortoises especially) love 'em. (pet shop cuttlefish may not have the coarser side though)

    Just thought I'd share

    From hard won experience.... Never, ever, let the misses use your blades unless she is "dishwasher proof". In order to prevent my wife using my blades (in England) for peeling spuds and opening boil in the bag rubbish, I know keep them in the safe,.. Cant take any chances

    High carbon steel and salty dishwasher tablets are a bad combination.

    "I only go fishing religiously every week end to make amends for all the fun I have in the office during the week"

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    Ive always found women and sharp knives a bad combination!!Now wheres the budgie!

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    Why use a knife?? A womans tongue is the sharpest edge known to man!

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    I would like to hear what you are up to in Oman. I was there from 1987 until 1997 and then I left to go and work in Malaysia. My wife has never forgiven me for leaving Oman and she goes there on holiday whenever she can afford it. I was at the Royal Hospital for the first two years and then at the Ministry. When in Dubai last week I set off in a hired Land cruiser to take my colleague to Hatta Fort for lunch as it was his first time in the Middle East and I wanted to get him as close to Oman and the jebel as possible. Unfortunately the UAE also has a border post about nine klicks from Hatta and since neither of us was carrying our passports they wouldn't let us through. We could see the jebel but couldn't get there! Have you been to Khasab?
    Yet another 7mm08 user....

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