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Thread: S&B or Swarovski Scope

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    S&B or Swarovski Scope

    Hi All,

    Looking at getting myself a new scope for Christmas but can't decide between the S&B 8x56 Illuminated or the Swarovski 8x56 Illuminated. There is not much in it cost wise (Swaro is £30 cheaper) so that is not the determining factor.

    I know several of you use either of these scopes so your advice and experience would be greatly appreciated.


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    I have both makes on my rifles, IMO the Swarvo’ has slightly better glass and weighs less, but the S&B is built like a Tiger Tank. Depends on what you value most for which one you put top.


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    Sorry double post.

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    your dead right i like the swro over S/B .but the S/B is a stronger scope.

    i love the TDS4 4-16x50 .i have punished it for 5 years now and its still as new.

    pig in a poke .

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    I have the S&B and have compared it with the Swaro side by side as it got dark and I agree with what everyone else is saying. The Swaro has slightly better glass, or at least it gives that impression. I suspect that the wider field of view with the Swaro is actually what makes the difference and that in fact there is little between them in terms of low light performance. The Swaro is a lot lighter and also just feels "smaller."

    You could buy either with confidence but I'd put the Swaro ahead on glass and the S&B ahead on robustness/confidence inspiring.

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    i've just changed all mine to swaro.

    they are smaller/shorter (butler creeks dont hit the shight on the r93 with the swaro's)



    resettable turrets

    and for service they have an office in the uk, who are excellent. with S&B you have to deal with the retailers or the factory direct.

    go austrian!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bucksden
    and for service they have an office in the uk, who are excellent. with S&B you have to deal with the retailers or the factory direct.

    go austrian!
    Agreed. And I've found that the customer service from Swarovski is second to none - parts replaced F.O.C without quibble etc.

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    I've just puchased a Swarovski 8*56 & part of my descision was based on the service a friend got from Swarovski when he sent his binos back. The only things wrong with them was either operator abuse or fair wear and tear i.e. focus wheel loose, burst eye cups a few marks on the glass. They came back to him like brand new with new eye cups and a new strap (the old one had nowt wrong with it) and he wasnt charged a penny (apart from carriage). As long as I can afford it (with help from my flexible friend ) I dont think I'll ever go past swarovski.

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    I agree with what has been said regarding customer service from Swaro.
    Howver there have been countless numbers of failures of Swaro scopes when used in conjunction with a moderator.
    If that meant testig either scope manufacturers customer service then I would have have to look elswhere.
    I can think of several other scope manufacturers that are equally as good as S&B or Swaro and some that are even better..
    Do not limit yourself to just these two makes..
    Hertl Reuss


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    I have scopes by swarovski zeiss vortex and s&b and to be honest they are all very similar in quality and performance.
    Swarovski probably just have the edge when it come to re-sale if you are likely to be thinking of an upgrade to a variable mag at a latter date but all the above offer good after sales service.
    However if you send anything back to swarovski and you are a proffesional stalker dont mention the fact as a friend of mine did or you will be charged as there warranty only covers recreational use apparently.
    I recently had a six year old s&b returned to me after it wouldnt hold its zero and it came back like brand new they even covered the p&p.
    I think with either one of your choices you can buy with confidence knowing that you have some quality glass siting on top of your rifle


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