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Thread: Some handles I slapped on....

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    Some handles I slapped on....

    I mainly do full tang blades and I've done a couple of stick tangs, one leather before these.

    Used a lot of thin cyanoacrylate to seal them and my word, a lot of sanding. Middle two in top pic spoken for, two to see what happens.

    I'm quite pleased and just need to start the sheaths now, but work is calling tomorrow, it'll have to wait a few days....

    Walnut and yew:

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    I see there has been a lot of interest in this thread....

    I'll be running a new 'budget' hand made range of these type of knives soon, I hope to have a few at Kelso.

    The carbon one is up for raffle on my FB page for Cancer Research.


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    The quality of Richard's knives has to be seen and felt to truly appreciate. The feel, balance and finish is simply outstanding. Sure, not all can or indeed wish to afford a custom hand made knife. For those who can/do, his knives are like Harkila; invest in the quality and one only needs to spend once.

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    These look lovely.

    Would you be interested in making a Sgian Dubh as I would like a hand made one for my best mates wedding present?

    Something like this, but without the over the top sheath. A plain leather one is all thats needed for a kilt sock.



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