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Thread: Reds crossing the Dee.

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    Reds crossing the Dee.

    Reds crossing the Dee.

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    nice pic,s mate where abouts on the dee i do alot of shooting not far aberdeen i have seen some big herds crossing.

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    Inveray near Braemar.
    Sadly they were bumped-off. On recent visits I have not seen a whisker or even heard a roar during the rut.


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    I have done alot of work from braemar down to ballertar tarland crathie all round there lots of reds and roe trying to get some stalking sorted out at the moment i have had calls to sort out 1 lot or roe and next door wants 40 red hinds culled so going to be flat out where abouts you based???.

    cheers Trevor.

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    Lake District , Cumbria.

    Pic. below of a Red on Kirkstone Pass this morning.


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