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    Apel swing off

    Just a quick one,I have a set of apel swing off mounts,1 inch tube.I will soon have 30m scope,can I buy just the bits that actually touch the scope,so I can still,use my beloved mounts with the new scope.
    Any help,site pointers or shops would be gratefully appreciated.

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    Yes but Riflecraft will have your arm off !
    See if any one has 30mm rings for sale. I have 30mm but a 1" scope and inserts

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    browse (and here to an extent)

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    I've just been down this road.

    The short answer is yes, you can just buy the rings and 'feet', leaving the bases on the rifle.

    However, it is neither cheap (c250 for feet and rings) nor straightfoward. You will need to find out exactly which feet you need - they vary depending on the make and model of rifle and the diameter of the objective bell of the scope.

    Email Alan Rhone ( or Paul Grannel at Sentry ( with the specs of your rifle and they will be able to tell you what bits you need.

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    Thanks Mungo,has emailed both,still no reply,regards Tony.

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    If you have the old (springloaded detent, lever with ball) system you might want to take this opportunity to upgrade to the rear base with the dovetail/lever. It is much stronger and secure that the former. Also less susceptible to getting fouled when the scope is removed.


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    Thanks SS,but how do I go about doing that,I am having trouble just finding,30m rings,any ideas,Thank you.

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    Is there such a thing as an Apel agent,distributor?

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