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Thread: Deer "biggest threat to Scotland's native woodland"

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    Deer "biggest threat to Scotland's native woodland"

    Then we get to the crux of the matter:

    "We urgently need to move from a voluntary system of deer management to a sensible, regulated approach before we lose any more of our precious native woodland heritage."

    Forgot the link:
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    link does work.... mereside shows the way! cheers
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    just highlight the link then right click open in new tab, it does work
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    Wise words from Richard Cooke, the deer should not be made the scapegoat for a problem created by clearing the forests and overgrazing by domestic livestock.

    atb Tim

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    Forestry commission just looking for public approval to kill more deer & make more money

    maybe I'm just too cynical as I think deer have been hit too hard in some areas


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    BBC News - Deer s native woodlands

    Another scare mongering tactical put through the Scottish media .

    Scottish native woodland indeed crap,between SNH the John Muir trust and the RSPB would all like to see the deer numbers in Scotland slashed beyond belief .

    There are more trees in Scotland now than there has ever been , and of course more sheep.the powers at be won't be satisfied until they have killed every last one, then just where will the experts turn their minds to.

    Just where we're the experts when the pure bred red deer population was being interbred with the imported sika ,no war crys there . Just shortly if these clowns get there way the only deer you'll see will be in parks .

    Yes I'll give Richard Cooke one thing he got all the PC words into his statement, great when you talking to the PC perfect board room .

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    Scottish sheep numbers have declined by 18% in the last 10 years... So don't start blaming them for increasing in numbers. That's just not true.

    The hill flocks have declined the most too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamus View Post
    Scottish sheep numbers have declined by 18% in the last 10 years... So don't start blaming them for increasing in numbers. That's just not true.

    The hill flocks have declined the most too.

    Do you know why Tom ??
    Blame the cheap import of lamb and mutton, it has killed off the traditional hill farm, doesnt stop RSPB moaning about sheep and deer numbers .

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    I always get suspicious when any media report manages to conflate different factors. Why does this report headline damage to 'ancient woodland' yet then segues into a load of blurb about 'native woodland'? I assume that FC Scotland know that they are two entirely different things - or does that not matter when you are pursuing a particular agenda?

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    Pursuing an agenda?
    Just interested in money!

    all blurb bout promoting bio diversity
    money ! That's it
    are they a public owned / government owned ??

    access should be for us all via a scheme of some kind
    mountain bikers get it ok we get nowt


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