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Thread: Shooting bench

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    Shooting bench

    Hi there
    Had enough of lying in the muck whilst zeroing or plinking, I'm not a competion shooter at all, fancy getting. Bench of some kind , portable and good value, not into making any thing myself
    Any ideas links etc or selling summit
    Would have to suit a left hander & not be flimsy


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    There is nothing on the market that is remotely stable and not flimsy that is not going to cost you an arm and a leg
    Most guys including myself have made there own.


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    google it and let your imagination/creativity run wild...

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    Liking the idea of an L or T shaped bit o 1" plywood with a "spine" on the underside to grip on the workmate
    i have my roe cradle sorry workmate it has the wooden tops removed as they eventually gave up & I replaced each top with 1" thick fibrox chopping board ... Easy cleaned roe cradle ....
    now looking like a shooting / plinking bench


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    Ff sake don't fart !Click image for larger version. 

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    Yep. I use a black and decker wormate bench (as in the amazon links above). Then get a piece of plywood, cut into appropriate L shape and screw a piece of 2*4 down the middle of it. The 2*4 is so that the workbench has something to grip on to when you tighten it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daven View Post
    google it and let your imagination/creativity run wild...
    That looks like an ironing board with a seat attached!

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    After years of fart-arsing around trying to find somewhere decent to lie down, a comfortable high seat, the bonnet, and eventually finally on the back of the Vit and shooting off the roof (makes a good temporary high seat that) I finally tried my large work-top Workmate with a picnic stool behind it... Solid as a rock once you get all legs flat, repeatable, result.

    I usually zero off a pod with a rear bag and there's enough room/length on top of the W'mate to take that and get comfortable behind it (I'm 5'6").

    And the best bit is I got it from the local junk market for 15.



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