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Thread: Yukon Photon or Nitesite NS200 Help

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    Yukon Photon or Nitesite NS200 Help

    Hi Everyone.
    I have the photon and love it. I have never seen the NS200 in action. What I want to know and only if you have used both units is what is the NS200 like compared to the photon. Please only from actual use and not what you have heard.
    I know that the NS200 has the advantage of been put on any rifle without the need to re zero.


    Oh and if anyone is near to York that has a NS200 I could come and see in action that would be great
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    never used the photon, but have used the ns200 alot. Very easy to set up and use and can pick up foxs around 400 yards, and ive seen a fox taken at 260yards with the ns200, its a great bit of kit


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    i had a ns200 and sold it , i could not get used to looking at the screen instead of the scope, it drove me mad because you cant mount the gun normally

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    I have the Photon and had a "lengthy" borrow of an NS200. I ended up buying the NightEye500 which I keep on a Rapid air rifle for ratting.
    The NE500 gives a very similar performance to the NS but is a couple of hundred pounds cheaper. Granted is does not come in a plastic case or is not as well finished but for me its the NE500 over the NS200. They also have a good warranty and after sales service should you need it.
    I ended up turning the camera 1/4 turn in order that the screen is down alongside the scope rather than above which makes it much easier to use.
    With regards to the Photon, out of the box I think the NE/NS has the edge on distance and picture quality but with the addition of a T20 IR illuminator, that increases the distance and smooths out the picture on the Photon.
    I think if you are going to do a lot of day shooting then the NS/Ne is the one to get if the heads up position is ok for you. Very quickly removed and put on your day scope. The Photon is primarily for night use and looks a lot better and is a "conventional" head/eye position but day time picture quality isn't the best

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    I have used both extensively, as well as sell both and the problem with the Nite Site i found, on a personal basis, is that it lights up your face when hunting and you appear rather to attract attention to wildlife.

    Both are very good and do the job well, and the NS200 does have more powerful IR out the box, however for me personally side by side with a Yukon Photon with an X850IR or NM400 the Photon for me has a clear advantage and as it is a traditional day scope in its physics you don't have to mess around with cables, battery packs and cameras and its cheaper!

    Why not pop along to the British Shooting Show and try both?

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    I moved the Photon on very quickly after buying it.

    I would rather have an excellent dayscope with an add-on for NV than a barely adequate dayscope that's OK for NV.

    The Photon is much better if you add more IR, but there are better solutions out there for the money IMHO.

    I prefer the NightEye NE500 over the NS50/200; it's silent IR makes a nonsense of the NS, which makes a hell of a racket by comparison. I found its screen easier on the eyes by far, it has a simple clip arrangement for scope mounting, without messing around with nuts (as it were) and you can put it on any gun you like without having to devote a gun to NV.

    Depends on what you're looking for really.

    I got one of Ian Sirrell's modified T20 torches with a dedicated IR chip and a 66mm front end and it easily gives well over 200 metres with a decent board or bullet camera.

    Home rolled NV can still cost a lot less than the commercial kit and give at least as good a result. In some cases, it's streets ahead.

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    My thoughts on the proton, I have tried photon out three times now and tried it in daylight, daylight is ok to sight the kit in, wouldn't say it it's clarity was the best in daylight but adequate to keep it trimmed up on accuracy.

    The night side, the nm400 is adequate as a addition to help clarity for my use out to a hundred or less.

    i have settled for a 2.5 - 10 x 56 S&B zenith on one sako quad in .22 WMR and the Photon on another similar quad with the photon + a NM400 in .22 LR. Both on mid to high scope mounts on both will allow calibre barrel change on both rifles (according to measurements and trial run it all works). Should give best of both worlds with minimum scope adjustment between calibres.

    I had thought of swing off mounts until it came to cost of two pairs of mounts, going to give the immensely cheaper version a go first. How hard can it be. Watch this space


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    For me this is easy....the ns200 every time. For my needs anyway.
    Most of my rabbit shooting if from the back of a pick up with a 17hmr. With the ns i can scan the fields on the move without having to ping a lamp around the field and scattering any lamp shy quarry. This is a major plus point for me.
    The advantage of it fitting on a "decent" day scope is also a plus. But i feel a variable zoom scope with parralax adj is essential to ensure clear focus at varying ranges. I dont want to be squinting at a 150yrd rabbit stuck on 5x zoom when i can crank it up to 16x for better shot placement at range.
    The only drawback i have found with the ns is that its only a matter of time before you brake the scope mount that attaches the screen to scope if used regularly in the field and a working tool.
    The glare from the screen is easily fixed by using a peice of disco light filter sheet...either red or amber works well.
    Also, you can take shots from slightly unorthadox shooting positions (if it can be done safely) as you dont have to have your eye to the scope.
    Only one winner here for me!

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