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Thread: Dust proof/resistant digital camera's?

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    Dust proof/resistant digital camera's?

    Alright folks

    Just wondering if anyone has any reccommendations for a fairly robust digital camera? Or a decent dust proof case for it

    Not looking for anything too fancy (or expensive) just a decent camera for using out and about.
    Had 2 samsungs in past but both broke due to dirt/dust in the zoom lens, these cameras have spent most of there lifes in weather proof cases and only come out a handful off times so are not getting a lot of use and generally live in glove box or stalking/game bag so its not like i store it next to a band saw or sander. They seem to last around the 2 year mark but really are not getting used much.


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    always had (and have now) a sony cybershot because they are simple and use AA batteries... Takes real good pics but the smart phone takes better ones and is always with me.....

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    This one is virtually bomb proof and takes excellent pictures and video I too went through about a camera a season it is tough really tough well so far, and it gets some abuse with me I can say, so far so good shop around you will get a bargain

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    Nikon COOLPIX AW100 Waterproof Compact Digital

    uttings sells them sometimes in the sale for around 150

    I can recommend this one as I originally bought it for a long trip to south Africa, after it cage dived with great whites and got roughed up in my pocket it went to work with me.

    Im a construction manager and everything is about photos - I also have a habit of destroying cameras I've gone through 3 at work - cheap nasty ones. I've used this for over a year in all weathers. Only don't use it currently as I use my iPhone. Dust is what seems to kill them and this one has some robust dust covers.

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    Depends if you want it for stills purely, or video.

    The new Go Pro Black series has a 12MP stills camera, and 4k HD video camera, so nothing comes close for video but it still has decent stills also, albeit lens restricted.

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