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Thread: Scottish Rural Affairs, Climate Change & Enviroment Committee Letter

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    Scottish Rural Affairs, Climate Change & Enviroment Committee Letter

    Just published on the Scottish Parliament website:
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    Times are a changing lol and competence still to be fully decided and implemented.

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    Health warning,take two nurofen before attempting to read !!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Times are a changing lol and competence still to be fully decided and implemented.
    As you may recall from my FoI to SNH there is no issue surrounding competence.

    They had no evidence of any deaths caused by stalkers using firearms, any deaths resulting from meat hygiene or any recorded reports of animal welfare issues involving stalkers. Given this there is absolutely no evidence at all that there is any lack of competence among stalkers and, therefore, there is no need for further requirements designed to increase competence. This is the fundamental point about competence - first you must demonstrate what is wrong, then you must design a training programme to improve it and then you must measure the improvement. It is impossible to measure an improvement when your target is zero and the current level is zero, and always has been, and the actual truth is that, statistically, an accident must take place at some point. If SNH have no record of it happening ever before then it is just possible it will happen after any new competence measures were enforced leading to the impression that such a scheme has reduced competence :-)

    This, of course, doesn't mean that there aren't openings to provide training to stalkers or that all stalkers are experts - what it means is that the situation is currently very efficiently self policing, that stalkers get the experience and training they need before heading out themselves and that we don't need a bunch of interfering do-gooders with a range of agendas becoming involved.

    The truth is that around 141 people in the UK die every year putting on their trousers, in Ireland about 5,500 people are taken to hospital every year due to accidents involving their trousers. Quite simply, in terms of public safety and welfare, if the government really wanted to do something useful then they would start working on the issue of trouser related fatalities and they would look into the competence of trouser wearers.
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    I certainly hadn't planned for this to start a debate about individual competence! It was just to highlight the sort of debate that is going on and the political views around the voluntary system - albeit largely upland red deer at the moment.

    We've all seen things that start off on one track and expand - the focus at the moment doesn't seem to be on low ground individual deer managers/stalkers - but this is an interesting situation to watch develop.

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    I have read this document carefully and my impression is that it's an echo from the past. I detected echoes of national socialism and communism. Moreover, I consider the Scottish Deer Commission to be one such body as well as the current movement to force landowners to sell their land to tenants, whether they like it or not. Puts me in mind of Mugabe and the unfortunate inhabitants of Zimbabwe.
    The good people of Scotland deserve better than this shower of little Hitlers.

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