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Thread: Lee Collet die set for 300 Win Mag

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    Lee Collet die set for 300 Win Mag

    Been using the Lee Collet neck sizing die on my other calibers and love them.

    Has anyone got a set or just a neck sizing die. I already have a Lee crimp die.

    PM any details please.

    thanks in advance


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    Still looking for a Lee Collet neck sizing die in 300 Win mag and seating die.

    anyone got either or know where I can get a cheapish set?.


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    Tam I have a couple of singe Lee dies, let me dig them out
    Defo a seating die, not sure about the collet though

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    Thanks mate, I look forward to hearing from you.

    hope your 300 is still going strong!.


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    A wee bump on the off chance that someone has a Lee neck sizing collet die in 300 Win Mag!.

    Please PM if you do.

    Do you know where I can buy a set?.



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    Hi Mate
    Think That Ive got some if I can find them ?



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    Spoke with 1967Spud yesterday morning and he has looked into ordering me a set.

    Thanks very much. Your PM's are full.

    I will get back to you if 1967Spud can't get them for any reason.


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