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Thread: novice from Aboyne says hello

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    novice from Aboyne says hello

    hi folks
    looking to get back into deer stalking around my area.
    Fed up with salmon fishing on the Dee and want some real sport.

    if anyone has a syndicate that needs a new member then I'd love to hear from you!

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    How is goan?

    I lived in Westhill for a few years late nineties, magic around you r bit for Roe.

    welcome to the site

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    Re: Aboyne

    thanks for the reply
    tons of roe in my back garden every morning when it is snowing for some reason!
    need to get myself on some permission fast merry christmas

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    Hi robinhood, I was brought up in Aboyne but left the area 40years ago, have you always lived there?

    I was last up there about 5 years ago contracted to Dinnet estate to take out a client to the stags[ the keepers were to busy with the grouse to take him out]

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    Robinhood - it might be worth speaking to my buddy Gadget via PM, as he has some lovely ground around Banchory & Ballater and will be up there stalking this weekend.


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