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Thread: Accushot Monopod

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    Accushot Monopod

    Hi All

    Got a spare Accushot adjustable monopod, i've already got one of these which only gets used on my 308 so this one is going spare!

    Looking for a set of binoculars + cash your way preferably something like 8 x 42 (nothing overly pricey) or a bipod?

    Located in Cannock but do travel up as far as stoke and as far down as bottom of Birmingham.



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    What might you want to be spending on binos?
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    100 - 150. Not looking for anything too high end yet, just something to get me by

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    Ive had a number of pms regarding selling. Id take 50 posted no offers and payment via bank transfer only. Would still prefer to chop in for a set of bino's!

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    I have a spare set of opticron Sequoiah binos ,rubber armoured and in good condition , I used them until recently , my dear wife bought me a rediculously expensive set which I now have to use .Do piccies tomorrow if interested.
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    Bino's sorted thanks gents! Monopod is now for sale!


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