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Thread: Mandarin ducks?

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    Mandarin ducks?

    Evening all,we have mandarin duck on our shoot and have been leaving them alone as they are not on the list for shooting.Having just looked at the Rspb lists of protected species and they are not on there?Can anyone enlighten me as to whether they are legal quarry as they are a non native species or under what law they are protected.
    thanks all

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    think they are legal to shoot but we dont shoot them we had about 30 last season did not shoot any but they are gone now so someone else must have think the law was changed

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    All birds are protected unless a season has been dictated or under general licence. As far as I am aware they are not on the general licence or have a season, so as all birds are protected unless specified otherwise, it would be illegal to shoot them!

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    Aren't they ornamentals,shouldn't think they are protected.

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    very tasty, and make good flys.

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    100% protected. We have some on the river. Lovely little bird.

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    Pass the orange sauce please !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorkshire lad View Post
    100% protected. We have some on the river. Lovely little bird.
    are you sayin that if I have one in my garden then I cannot eat them

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    I thought that they were an invasive non-native species, descended from escapees, and as such you're supposed to cull them? But I might be wrong, or mixing them up with another type of duck.

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    I was under the impression that unless specifically names in the general licence all birds were protected by law. Not sure if mandarin ducks are named or not in the licence?

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