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Thread: Rifle shooting & accuracy related books.

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    Rifle shooting & accuracy related books.

    hi folks

    i have for sale the following books, all of which were interested and invaluable during my obsession with all things rifles. price is without postage, costs of which will depend how you want it sent etc. etc. i can provide photos of any individual books if you want to email me on i have tried to price them fairly according to what they appear to be worth online and their condition. however, if i'm way off the mark, please don't be shy about haggling.

    i'll start with the biggies, which are for the serious rifle enthusiast or keen rifle-smith who wants knowledge on a level beyond that of a simple gun plumber:

    Benchrest Actions & Triggers by Stuart Otteson. very very good condition and extremely rare 250 ono
    want to know how to calculate lock time, work out what barrels weigh, estimate rifle weights, examinations of schematics of the original benchrest actions and triggers, understand the rigidity of rifle actions.....

    The Bolt Action Volumes 1 & 2, cased set limited edition of 1000 by Stuart Otteson. very good condition 180 ono
    the volumes examine lots of different comercially produced rifles in detail. with appendices on lock time, 3 lever triggers, bolt back thrust, firing pin protrusion etc. etc. a rare set of limited edition books for someone who has a fascination of how and why rifles work....

    other rifle accuracy books:

    Accurizing the Factory Rifle by M.L. MacPherson. Decent condition. 45
    A valuable and interesting read into rifle accurizing.

    Rifle Accuracy Facts by Harold R. Vaughn. Excellent condition 45
    a seminal treatise on accuracy.

    Milling by Stan Bray. excellent condition 10
    a good basic introduction to milling with lots of useful tips.

    Lathe Operation and Maintenance 10
    a good basic introduction to turning with lots of good info.

    Shooting and related books:

    Extreme Rifle Accuracy by Mike Ratigan. Decent condition 25
    a great guide to point blank BR with info that can be applied to shooting and loading for longer ranges.

    Touching Cloudbase, the complete guide to paragliding by Ian Currer. great condition 10
    if you want to get good at reading the wind, you have to broaden your knowledge base on weather close to the ground.

    Pilot's Weather by Brian Cosgrove. excellent condition 10
    as above, want to understand the wind then you need to understand the weather.

    Successful Pistol shooting by frank and paul leatherdale. very good condition 15
    all things competition pistol shooting.

    Shooting and Stalking by charles coles. good condition 10
    basic but interesting book

    The ABC's of reloading 6th edition by C Rodney James. very good condition 15
    good info for beginners

    thanks for looking


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    Ultimate sniper book sold pending payment.

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    Prone and long range shooting also now sold pending payment.

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    ok folks, to save them cluttering up the sitting room floor, i'm open to offers.....

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    I would like to buy the book by Harold Vaughn. Please email me, the cost of shipping, & and how you want me to pay you, for the book.

    Thank you,

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