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Thread: Vizlas

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    We're thinking about getting another dog later this year, and my wife has her heart set on a vizla. Neither of us have any experience of them, so views on their pro's and con's as working dogs would be welcome.
    I assume they have the potential to be good deer dogs, but I also do a reasonable amount of game shooting; including beating in fairly thick cover and some picking up. I've had a couple of labs that have been good all-rounders, and currently a cocker which is fine apart from not being the steadiest peg dog.
    Apologies if this comes across as being a bit of a naive question.

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    cracking dogs , got a wirehaired at present , 18 mnths old , tracked deer , points them infront in cover , shot walked up grouse earlyer in season with her , rough shoot with her pritty much every weekend, even points the moles in my traps , a few minor faults have developed as the season has gone on , all down to me though , so just real her in a bit with a bit of one on one , all in all very well pleased with her !

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    We have a 5 year old Vizla and you couldnt ask for a nicer temperament in a dog. He could work six days a week and not get worn out. I think the best way to describe him is MANIC but lovely, and a bit thick. We now have a Slovakian pointer bitch pup (see the avatar) who looks like she is going to make a better working dog and is gentler with it, maybe worth a look?

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    I have a Vizlador, not quite what your after but pretty similar. He's a HWHV cross lab 8 month old and he's really good. Very calm, obident and easily trained. He has a very good nose, wind and ground scenting. I've had him out stalking a few times, he indictaes well for a youngster. He's pointed a stag out to me woodland stalking and also when we had him out on the hill he was indicating well. Tried him out tracking with some legs and even then he went straight to them. I would definatley recommedend the breed. Good temperament, good with kids. Can't fault him actually.

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    I have an 8mth old HWV snoring at bottom of stairs as i type this, his favourite position as he can keep track of all movements in the house up and down, he wants to be involved at all times. Basic training is now well on board, stop,come sit, fetch (dummy), down, wait all responded to by either whistle, hand signal or call. Very affectionate, friendly, intelligent and sensitive dog, needing a lot of TLC. Wife complains dog gets more than she does which is probably true, there again dog is always pleased to see me if i get in late !
    Going to start on the deer work next. Only drawback so far is car sickness and am having to go back to basic conditioning with treats in back of parked car and then short journey's. I think this is the over sensitive trait coming out after initial bad experiences in car.

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    Ive had a smooth coat Vizlas ( Digby ) had him for 14 years, fantastic temperment, good at point, retrive work, not keen on thick cover for hunting in but would point, ideal if you have a springer as well.

    My present Vizlas ( 8 years, Cuba ) ) is a wirehaired which I use for all shooting, beating, pointing, pickup and stalking ( pointing and find ) , will help you if walk/stalk.

    Be carefull with gun noise at first as they can be a bit gun "venery" said 'very affectionate, friendly, intelligent and sensitive dog' and also they hate stinging nettles.

    Not sure with regards puppy's as both of mine were re-homed to me at about 12/18 months old.

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    Do u want or need a dog to point?

    If u do an HPR is not a bad choice, each breed has different strengths and weaknesses and different character traits

    If u don't want a dog to point (in my opinion) i would not touch an HPR with a barge pole, plenty of breeds far more suited to general gundog or deer work wich will be easier trained and probably get to a better standard and will work from a younger age.

    Hpr's are cracking dogs when ranging working open cover and pointing, wot they were bred to do, i just don't rate them as 'normal' gundogs thou.
    Most hpr's can be noisey and not ideally suited to sitting at a peg (also a smooth coated hpr often struggle with cold wet windy days when sitting) som are also not natural retrievers either

    Not wanting to put the bred down unduly but just be aware they are very different dogs to ur average labs or spaniel. There is no doubt u could train an hpr to do all u want but other breeds would be my first choice

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    I see where countryboy is coming from with a generalisation about HPR,s. But if you are thinking Vizsla,s get a wire,I run two and I can assure you ,you wont be dissapointed. If you aint sure come and see mine .Wf1

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    I have a 5 year old viszla bitch, she has been stalking with me since a pup, she has an excellent temperament, is always keen to please and will go all day every day. She lets me know when deer are in the vicinity. As previously mentioned affectionate friendly and sensitive, a fantastic hunting companion.

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    Must admit i quite like the whv, and seen quite a few decent ones working or training. If i ever get another hpr that is not a GWP that would be my next choice, but they do seem to be very slow to mature, even wosre than a gwp
    Seem a breed more suited to me, not such a big fan of the smooth coated ones and like gsp's really do struggle with cold and some don't like swimming much, most of the smooth vizlas i've seen at trials don't 'get on' much either and just potter about at wild spaniel range .

    1 last thing about hpr's is they can be ur worst nightmare on a shoot day if not well trained, as any dog can be. But there is plenty of crap lab's or spaniels with only minimal training that u can just about put up with, an hpr as equally badly trained would just be a total nightmare as they have the extra drive, nose and speed. As u've trained dogs before it should not be a problem but they are completely different to 'normal' dogs to train

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