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    Spotting scope

    I am looking to purchase a spotting scope in the coming weeks I have been researching a few makes, leica, Hawk I have not had any one in my had so to speak, so I am am looking for some recommendations on makes and models from people that have them. I will be mainly using it for range work. Thanks

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    Hi fendt
    Have a look at the Celestron Ultima 80, 20-60X mag. Nice clear optics at 100m plus ranges and not too silly price.
    Don't forget to cost in a decent tripod.
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    Thanks for the info and links vitalspark and jcampbellsmith, these are certainly worth a look.

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    Would you consider a draw type scope that you could also use on the hill for stalking?

    If so look out for the following:

    Optolyth 30X80 - this is a two draw scope but is still quite short to steady on a knee when lying up to spy. The glass is good and the folks in the Glasgow Binocular Repair centre can fix most faults or do a clean and service for not a lot of cash. Good examples sell on ebay for somewhere over 200.

    Hertel and Reuss 25 - 60X60 - Much less expensive than the Optolyth (I recently bough one for about 60 and really good ones make in the 100 region) these offer a zoom function but to be honest it is only the lower end that is much use in practise. The glass is surprisingly good for something you can pick up for 60. I suspect the people in Glasgow can also work on these. Slightly longer than the Optolyth when extended so easier to rest on a knee and with the smaller objective much lighter and easier to carry.

    Nickel Marburg Supra 15 - 60X60 - I don't own one of these but believe the glass compares well with the Optolyth and Hertel and Reuss. Again good examples come up second hand for around 100 - 150. Occasionally you see people asking silly money for them but these tend not to sell. I'd say on average they do 120.

    All of these have a hole for tripod mounting and so could be used at the range and they also work well on the hill. I use an Optolyth 30X80 mostly and while it is quite large and heavy to carry the image is good and it is suited to my needs.
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    Thank you Caorach for you suggestion to be honest it was not something that I had taught about but will certainly mull it over.

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    +1 for Celestron.
    Astonishing value. Got mine for c.70 at Curry's and use it regularly at Bisley. Very impressive clarity. A previous purchase of similarly priced rubbish from ebay fortuitously provided a useful tripod.

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