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Thread: T3 stock query

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    T3 stock query

    Anyone know if it is possible to put a standard tikka t3 action and barrel straight in to a t3 varmint stock?

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    Yeah it should fit no problem bud, only thing would b the gap between the barrel and the forend but it would only b aesthetics and shouldn't effect the performance

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    What about the other way - Varmint action and barrel into standard stock? I'd guess not, without some work?

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    Cheers mate, aye I thought it would just be the gap between forend and barrel, I've been told that it's quite a snug fit between the varmint barrel and stock so the normal barrel should be a fine fit. Just want to get as much advice before I get one

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    Yeah it will definatley fit fine bud, just maybe a bit more free floating than usual which isnt a bad thing as there is no chance of the barrel touching the forend so no accuracy issues (caused by the stock touching the barrel at least)

    I think the other way may be a problem mungo, the stock would defo need work to widen out the barrel chamber for the varmint barrel but even the i dont know if there would be any other issues.

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    deffo be free floating (the barrel)

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    hmm, depends whether the stock is designed to support the parallel section of the barrel just in front of the receiver,,which if it's any good inletting or bedding, it should.

    if the new barrel has a slimmer profile, it's reasonable to assume that the support structure may no longer then be sufficient, and you would be free floating the entire barrel down to the receiver, that's not a good thing IMHO, as it puts imense force on the recoil lug area and rear tang, which in the cheap wood (who are we kidding) is not unlikely to mean the stock will 'give' pretty quickly and start opening up the groups.

    better yet, is to bed the rear tang, recoil lug, and the parrellel section of the barrel

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    I have a t3 hunter in 243 with a laminate thumbhole stock which i would like to swap to a synthetic one. Can i use a t3 lite factory stock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by russ.223 View Post
    I have a t3 hunter in 243 with a laminate thumbhole stock which i would like to swap to a synthetic one. Can i use a t3 lite factory stock?

    Have a look here Red Hawk Rifles He will ship to the uk. Bell and Carlson stocks. Drop in fit.


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    i would say yes it would fit as long as the action is identical thers only one way to find out lol

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