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Thread: A great days Cull stalking with nielaj of here

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    A great days Cull stalking with nielaj of here

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to Alex for a great day stalking, I met up with him and Phil a few weeks ago now but just didn’t have time to do a proper write up, We arranged to meet at the estate for before sunrise in Hampshire, unfortunately due to there being bloody road works on the A34 I was slightly late.. but none the less I still managed to get there at a decent time. Met Alex and Phil at the estate and was welcomed with a nice hot cup of coffee! Just the ticket before a days stalking! After the initial meeting Alex briefed me on what was to be expected for the day.. loaded up my tikka (6.5x55) with 4 rounds and on we went, Alex leading the way. We got down the track to a stubble field and glassed the scrub behind it... didn’t see much there, we slowly walked down about 60 yards into the field and Alex had spotted out first roe doe…well into the stubble field but on her way back to the scrub/cover… she was around 300 yards from us so we very quietly and slowly crept down. We got to within around 150-200 yards and there was no sign of her... I still got down and on the bipod, as soon as I put the scope to my eye to she had popped out of cover and into a clear patch. Broad side on I waited for Alex to give me the go ahead. Safety catch off and the 129 grain RWS round met its target. Good lung shot and she dropped on the spot! Not bad I thought, only stalked for 20 minutes and had our first doe! Alex gralloched her and we hung her up to pick up later. For the rest of the rest of the day we had much of the same luck, I Had to go back for some more ammo because I had run out before lunch! By lunch we had ended up with 4 roe. I was Very happy with that result. We stopped for lunch at the pub and we decided that we would pass up on the roe for the next half of the day and concentrate on the elusive Fallow and muntjac. After a great lunch we set of again. We ventured into the wood a bit deeper now to catch some of the fallow out… we did see a very good big buck but unfortunately he saw us first and was gone sharpish! So on we went and although we were going to leave the roe Alex spotted a good cull yearling so I took her of the sticks at around 200 yards in the wood. Again, dropped on the stop. We headed back to the start of the wood to walk the other side and I spotted a Fallow doe in the wood… on my sticks and she was down. At this point I was Very happy indeed! Just as the light was fading we sat down in the wood and Alex got the Butlo call out to try and squeak a munti. Literally after 3 or 4 squeaks a munti doe came storming from our right and stopped 40 yards from us. Shoot it! Alex said! I was so shocked it took me a couple of seconds to get steady, I squeezed the trigger and I was on my 7th cull animal for the day! I cant emphasise enough on what great chaps Alex and Phil were, very welcoming and very professional stalkers. We had a good laugh too through out the day. Anyone thinking of taking this offer up... Don’t think! Just get on the phone and get down there as you will have a great time, there are loads of deer on the grounds and the day is well worth the trip. Alex will add some pictures as I haven’t a clue how to get them on here!! A big thanks again Alex and hope to see you in the New Year!

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    Hi Guys,

    Mo was our first client so it was an interesting day for Phil and I, and i must admit I was a little nervous but as you can see the day went well so it was definitely a day to remember for myself...

    For this my thanks go to Mo who was a great guy to have out and certainly helped me relax very quickly and have a good laugh with in between the serious moments...

    Here is a picture of Mo and Myself at the end of the day, i will add some more when my internet gets up to strength and allows me to load some more onto my photo bucket account...

    Hope you all had a fantastic christmas day and are looking forward to the new year...



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    well done mo,what a day you had.well done alex you did your job well and truly that wont forget carrying that lot

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    You lads look like you have been busy
    Well done on an excellent days shooting gents
    Glad i didnt have to carry that lot back

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