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Thread: What Scope

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    What Scope

    Going to buy a new scope for my 7-08 fancy a Z6i, Zeiss ,etc but what one ??? budget 2k

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    z6i 2.5-15x56 gets my vote

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    To be honest that's top of my list at the mo does your's have the Ballistic Turret ?

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    its the 2.5-15x44 without the ballistic turret i have but if i could choose again i would go for the 56 and i would have the bt as well not that there is anything wrong with the 44 obj but the 56 would get that extra last minute light.

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    If you have 2k to spend then be sure to take a look at Nickel before you make any big decisions. They are not so common but in my view are up at the top in terms of glass and have the "small dedicated company" thing going for them.

    Most actual objective testing (and there isn't much of it) puts Zeiss at the top in terms of glass quality. My personal view was that Nickel was better, but I haven't looked through a more recent Zeiss and they have improved their glass lately. So, if you want the best glass then Zeiss are the way forward.

    After those two I'd say there is nothing to choose between Swaro and S&B in terms of glass and so you just have to pick based on their marketing. I shoot sika at last light in dark commercial forestry and believe that all the makers I've mentioned make scopes more than adequate for my requirements. I believe there is a new S&B coming real soon now so it might be worth waiting for that just in case it makes some sort of leap forward, to be honest I doubt that it will but you never know. Swaro have a very strong brand image and aggressive marketing programme so you get the best magazine adverts with them whereas S&B seem to sell on robustness and and build so you can always beat the deer to death with your scope with them.

    Only you know how your priorities stack up and in the end when spending that sort of cash you have to try the options for yourself and take your pick. They will all do your job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 7-08Ai View Post
    Going to buy a new scope for my 7-08 fancy a Z6i, Zeiss ,etc but what one ??? budget 2k
    What range are you shooting at.? Got a 6x42 S&B on my 7-08 & 8x56 Swarovski on the .308. Don't shoot much past 250 yards anyway. Found that I spent too much time messing with the mag on a variable scope.

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    Schmidt and bender Zenith FD7 reticule dogs danglers and cheaper than a swaro, my swaro EL range binos aren't a patch on these scopes in low light.

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    Much the same sort of distance 250 yrds but I do like to play on paper targets out to 500

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    Z6i Mk 2 in either 2 - 12 x 50 BT or 2.5 - 15 x 56 BT. I have both and they are the DB's.

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    Z6i BT IR is on my .270, I wouldn't bother with the BT if I was to have the decision again, but the IR has been a big plus.

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