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    Angry Nightmare

    Problems i've never had before
    Having a bloody nightmare with a variation I have put in for a .308 variation, a fao has been out to the house to sort out the ins and outs, then a day or two later I get a msg on my phone from the fao saying the land owner has granted me shooting wrights on his land, but not for shooting deer. So to make sure if it was true I spoke to my friend the (land owner) and tells me that its fine to shoot deer.
    And with a writen letter saying so and telling me he told the fao it was fine to do so. So have rang the fao to
    The landowner saying its fine, so he has left a msg to my friend (land owner ) can he ring him to sort it out.....!!!!!
    What a bloody nightmare has anyone had this problem before ???

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    yes and was sorted easily by return call, the owner of one of the estates I use as my zero was called by the police," did you give mr xxxxxx permission to shot deer "
    landowner - never heard of him,
    2 hours later he rings them back " you mean Taffy ! been shooting hear for years, never knew his other name

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    The ground concerned wouldn't happen to be in Gloucestershire by any chance. If so ask Baconbuttie about this fine force and how they dealt with his application.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi 8x57 no mate its not in gloucestershire its just annoying and stressful
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