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Thread: Rat shooting advice please

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    Rat shooting advice please

    Ive had quite a lucky day, whilst walking home with the dog after dropping my motor off to be serviced I was passing a garden centre that's recently changed hands and the new owner was just putting his bins out for collection and he wanted to make a fuss of my dog so then obviously a conversation followed and by the time I left I had bagged myself rabbit and rat shooting on his land, on arriving home my wife had a customer dropping a dog off for grooming (yes wifeys a dog groomer before I get any wisecracks) we now the customer slightly and that shes a farmers daughter and I thought what the hell and asked if she new anyone who would be likely to give me permission for any pest control, hey presto two more new permissions there and then and looks like there is more in the post on the back of it.
    I have never done any serious ratting ( just shot the odd one in passing) and am really looking forward to it, whilst I have read about it and seen a few youtube films I would be grateful on any tips that may help me on my way. I know about finding regular routes and liquidised baits so they cant carry baits off etc but other than that I cant claim to have any knowledge so any input would be much appreciated.
    How do rats respond to lamping? I assume they like all other animals get lampshy. I was already considering NV but today makes it look more likely that i'll go through with it but I'll wait till the Starlight Arrow's on the market and have a look at that before I get my hand in my pocket.
    I know my existing air setup isn't the ideal ratting tool being a Rapid (nowt wrong with that I know) but in 177 running at 17.5 ft lbs but it will have to do for now however I have had it in my mind to convert it to 22 since I bought it (personally I prefer 22 but it was that cheap I couldn't say no) so i'll have to see about that.
    So do we have any suggestions?

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    A red light filter would be a good idea. They learn fast though so make each shot count

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    Night vision really is the way forward for ratting. You struggle to get them to keep still with a lamp.

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    Peanut butter smeared on things works well, as they have to stay in one place to eat it. NV is best but dim lamps and a good low light scope also has worked for me. It is fast & furious at times so something that swings well & is quick to reload is good. The .22 shotshells can be lots of fun in a semi if noise is not an issue.

    When it's good ratting can be really good but standing is a dimly lit barn at night with rats running all around the floor & along the beams over your head is not for everyone...

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    9mm or 357 snake shot! Hoha

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    Nowt wrong with .177 for ratting. In fact i prefer it. Shoot hundreds of rats a week with a .177. Get yourself a ns50 or 200....they make scanning an area a doddle without having to have your eye to the scope

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    I wouldn't worry about the calibre, if you hit them in the right place that's all that matters although I'm looking out for a .25 rapid as a squirrel and rat gun mainly. They do learn quickly though. Can you set up a dim camping lamp near where you can bait them?
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    My method (this is possibly the best sport there is and id give up all my stalking for a constant rat problem to deal with that isnt on our farm)-petrol leaf blower with metal pipe attached to exhaust and plumbed into the blower outlet, a few good terriers (or one good one!) put blower in holes and press throttle until rats burst out at speed, adrenline fuelled fun!

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    I have 5 Jack Russels, seen them deal with the odd rat here and there,if you want a bit of help I live not too far away in Crowle.



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    Id give Jimbbob a shout, a bit of fun to be had there chaps!

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