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Thread: Bullet strike

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    Bullet strike

    it maybe of interest to some although those ex service personell may already know. When a bullet passess through flesh the entry wound expands to about the size of a tennis ball with the shock wave of the entry, as the bullet continues the elasticity of the flesh returns to the normal size hole at the point of entry. As the bullet continues, it creates a vacuum behind it. The bullet then pushes everything in its way in front of it and forces it out of the exit wound as it cannot escape due to the velocity and mushrooming of the expanding bullet head which then errupts carrying bone fragments and flesh.

    As the bullet leaves it causes a term called suck and blow, the vacuum drags everything into the bullet track this includes pins and any vegetation caught in the bullet path. Once the bullet exits the vaccum ceases and the air at he point of exit then rushes back in dragging with it dead flesh and anything else in the vacinity of the exit site.

    The tracking bullet path will contaminate the flesh around its route due the shock wave.

    I was trained in first aid when I was in the police tactical firearms team and went to many seminars including SBS first aid teams and Northern Ireland surgical teams who learned through operating on victims of shootings how bullets react when entering the body.

    If anyone has the chance to see how ballistic clay reacts when a bullet enters, it is well worth seeing, it opens your eyes as to how the body reacts to the trauma of a bullet stike

    I hope this is of interest


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    Hi dave

    Never seen all that below a post before..

    Have a goodun mate


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    I know it sounds gory but i`ve wanted to see the internal reactions of the vital organs as a bullet passes through the chest of a deer in slow motion.
    It would give an insight as to how a bullet changes shape on impact and exit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil
    I know it sounds gory but i`ve wanted to see the internal reactions of the vital organs as a bullet passes through the chest of a deer in slow motion.
    It would give an insight as to how a bullet changes shape on impact and exit.
    Hi Basil,

    the bullet is the means of dumping energy from a distance into the chosen target causing either termination or sevre injury so that the ability to fight back is restricted. The military have reduced their main calibre weaponary so that it will take more people to look after an injured person than a dead one so therefore strategically using up manpower but that's another debate.

    High velocity weapons cause more damage because they dump less energy in the target as it passess through but, what they do is cause massive trauma in the body. As the bullet traverses any vital organ will, if not hit go into shock and in the case of deer will cause the beast to drop but, if the organ is not hit then the shock will wear off. This is the reason why the recommendation is to wait for about 15 minutes before approaching a shot beast as it might be just in shock and not dead. Normally the 15 minute rule will be enough but, never presume that's the case. Many stalkers have been injured by a deer lashing out with it's hooves smashing shin bones of the stalker.

    If the vital organs are hit then trauma plus the damage will kill the beast but it still surprises me how the adrenalin rush can send a deer with a split open heart a 100yds or so.



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    I'm not sure I quite grasp the difference between 'trauma' and 'damage'. I would explain the phenomonen of a deer running a 1-200yds essentially with no cardiac output following a heart shot as follows:
    1. The bullet has not injured the beast's legs or central nervous system, so it can still operate its limbs to run
    2. Its running muscles have enough red oxygen-containing matter in them without further circulation to allow a good hard run
    3. The brain also has enough oxygen on board to allow it to co-ordinate that run for long enough to get the deer the observed distance, also without the need for more oxygenated blood.

    Whether it is shortage of oxygen in the brain or in the muscles causing the animal to drop in the end I have no idea!

    Terminal ballistics is a controversial science.

    I like this fellow's take on it

    Long thread on the subject a bit ago, I think.

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    There is some fantastic slow motion footage of ballistics here:

    The ballistic jelly shows exactly what goes on inside an animal as the bullet starts to expand!
    Metal seems to turn into liquid in some of the shots. It also shows how shards of shrapnell end up throughout the animal.
    I've seen lots of slow motion stuff before but never quite this good. The music is ok too so get yer speakers turned on!!
    Enjoy! MS

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    wot a great post
    is this the same for solids aswell
    kind regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker
    The ballistic jelly shows exactly what goes on inside an animal as the bullet starts to expand!
    I think that although ballistic jelly is a good tool for comparison of different bullets under laboratory conditions, all it actually shows is what a bullet does in ballistic jelly.

    Deer are not much like ballistic jelly. Bits of them are more elastic, other bits less. Some bits are full of air, other full of chewed grass. Some bits are made of bone. Other bits again are densely fibrous muscle.

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    I'm not suggesting that deer are made of Jelly!
    It does however show that there is a Massive amount of trauma around the path of the bullet as the original post stated. What it does show is how a frangible bullet almost explodes on entry whereas what looks like a Barnes TSX slowly expands as it passes through and exits almost intact. The expansion shock still appears rather large though.

    I also think the waiting 15 minutes after a shot is not quite to protect the stalker from being injured from a deer that has just recovered from a bout of shock. It is to provide time for the damage of the shot to take effect. The deer will have either bled to death or 'stiffened' due to shock so that it is less likely to run off when approached.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone
    wot a great post
    is this the same for solids aswell
    kind regards
    To give an example of how a bullet reacts if you get the chance at the zero point, try shooting at an empty 5ltre can and look at the exit point, then from the same distance shoot at a 5ltre can full of water then look at the result you will be impressed. Make sure the can is at at least 100yds. It is quite dramatic.

    I have tried varying home load rounds as a test, at 100 yds put one empty gas bottle the sort used for caravans and .243 went straight through and then put another behind that and the bullet went through but not quite exited the outer skin of the second but put a big bulge in it.


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