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Thread: Help, looking for Nosler bt ammo supplier ???

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    Help, looking for Nosler bt ammo supplier ???

    Hi all,

    Probably should trawl the tinternet for a bit longer but generally you guys and gals are much quicker and easier !

    Now I'm looking for .3" 150 grain Nosler/Winchester combined technologies ballistic silvertips. I've waited for my local gunshop to get them for over 3 months now and still no luck ! I am now down to 7 loaded rounds left.

    I have tried some bigger shops close ish to me like Sportsman etc but no joy.

    Anybody else having trouble ? I wouldn't mind trying standard 150 bt's but my Blaser loves the silvertips and the deer don't so I'm reluctant to change.

    I have also tried the new Nosler dealer but they don't have any yet !(their name escapes me at the moment) and cannot yet tell me who does have them in stock due to the changeover.......

    We are off to the show next weekend and just wondered if anyone knew a supplier who stocked the above and who was going to the show where I could collet.

    Many thanks in advance , Mark.

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    You could try Norman Clarke 01788 579651

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    Have you tried 1967 spud ?
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    Try Brock and Norris.


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    My blaser loves the normal bt's shouldn't get to hung up on what coating they have the deer and you won't know the difference.

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    Have you tried the gun shop in Heavitree?
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    try reloading solutions in oxford

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    brock and norris he will have some of them bet ya

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    Reloading soloutions.
    Highland outdoors also an importer now but not used them.
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