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Thread: New JELEN NORTHERN Branch

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    Hi everyone,

    Following many enquiries for Jelen training in the North of England over the past couple of years, we are delighted and proud to announce the launch of the Jelen Deer Services (Northern) Branch

    The new Jelen Office, based in Selby North Yorks will extend our highly professional services and training into an area that is largely deficient of professional training providers, and the comprehensive deer management services that Jelen have become renowned for.

    Our Jelen (Northern) Regional Director, Mr. Steve Magson can be contacted on the following email address:

    A full range of training and services available to clients in the North will be unveiled on the Jelen stand at the British Shooting Show where Steve will be in attendance.

    Details of the first training courses run by Jelen (Northern) can be found in the training section of SD.

    For full details please contact Jelen Deer Services HQ, or email Steve who will be pleased to answer any of your enquiries.

    Best regards,


    Mike Allison
    Managing Director - Jelen Deer Services
    01264 811155

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    Very good, Nice to see something like this a little closer to home, hope it goes well

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