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Thread: General clear out

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    General clear out

    Having a tidy out of the gun room and there is quite a bit of stuff in there that I no longer need:

    Schoffel Ptarmigan tweed jacket, size UK 42 this was 540 new and I have used it at work no more than 15 times, new work tweeds mean I will not use it again, 300

    harkila Q fleece trousers, size 48 worn once for pigeon shooting 180 new, 100

    half length DPM jacket, largeish 20

    3/4 length DPM jacket with quilted wired hood, largeish 25

    all are plus postage.

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    size 48 for the harkiia trousers is that 48 ins if not what size are they in ins please thanks steve

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