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Thread: What is your favourite youtube channel?

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    What is your favourite youtube channel?

    I subscribe to some great youtube channels, most of them are shooting related. It certainly beats watching the soaps with my Mrs!

    One of my favourites is Gunwerks. They have some great videos of long range shooting techniques along with other things.

    Another favourite of mine is Jager Pro, this is in the main thermal wild boar control in USA. Some great videos showing how much lead to give running boar.

    What are your favourites?


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    Hi 270Buck,
    I am new to the big rifle scene and i also have Gunwerks as a favourite and find youtube a cracking way of getting information on anything and almost everything to do with shooting. I would also recommend to check out The Shooting Show and The Fieldsport Channel these have loads of different shooting disciplines but are good to see what everyone is up to!

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    This is probably one of favourites Keith Fenner - YouTube
    Also the earlier wranglerstar - YouTube (I just give the religious ones a miss)
    Can't forget Hickok45


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    Jelen Deer Services,

    They really put themselves out to educate all up and coming stalkers in a very professional manner. They are the bench mark to beat !

    They tailor to suit all needs and requirements.

    Their YouTube entries are a must.
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