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Thread: calls for foxpro

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    calls for foxpro

    hi there,

    just bought a FoxPro wildfire2 and was wondering what calls are working for foxes and where is the best place to get calls from?

    regards marshall

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    I bought one last year I found a continuous fox bark on the net and a screaming rabbit but cant remember what site but the fox bark is great at the moment as I think they're territorial and coming in to fight, all of the rabbit cries worked b4 Christmas you just try them till one works I hope this helps but I aint failed with the unit yet. regards carl

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    Marshall if you PM me a email address I can send you the 8 I have on my ucaller remote. I've collected from various places over the last couple of years and they are all in MP3 format.


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    Thanks for the reply s, pm sent
    Hopefully get some foxes!

    Regards marshall

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    Email should be with you now, let me know if it doesn't arrive and I'll resend it.


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