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Thread: Can we influence the future?

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    Can we influence the future?

    We can try!

    Just got this through today from BASC.

    I haven't asked BASC's or Admin's permission to put this on here but I feel it's important and if I have offended either then I apologise.

    I know that BASC is not the flavour of the month or year for some on this site but the cause is worthy and we all have some work to do if we want our views to be considered. If we don't do it then we cannot blame anyone else.

    General Election website launched

    A General Election section is being set up on the BASC website and should be live by the New Year.

    The aim is to encourage members to lobby their MPs by email and check where their candidates stand on shooting. They can either send a standard message through the website or adapt it as they wish. At the same time we have emailed every declared candidate and have begun populating the data fields with the responses. More central mailings will go out at regular intervals. This is thought to be the first internet-based email lobbying campaign of this kind to be used in the UK.

    BASC Director of Communications Christopher Graffius explains: “The hope is that by the start of the next parliament we will have a better indication of where MPs stand than before and we can use this to target our lobbying.

    Please take a look around the site at, use it to lobby your own candidates and urge the members you meet to use it.”

    I have also included this advice from BASC as it may save some hassle.

    Licence renewal applications

    If you are planning to send off an application to renew your firearm licence in the near future – make sure you use the right stamps or you could be in trouble.
    Some police forces are reporting a significant number of applications are being held up at sorting offices for up to six weeks because they have been posted with a standard letter rate stamp. Shotgun and FAC renewal application paperwork packages require a postage fee of at least 61p (‘Large Letter’ rate). The resultant delays could leave guns unlicensed and owners liable to extra fees and even prosecution.

    Clive Williams, West Mercia Police assistant firearms licensing manager, said: “The wrong postage could leave shotgun or firearms licence holders in a difficult situation. It is likely to mean that your application will be late arriving. If renewal applications are received by the Firearms Licensing Unit after the expiry date of the current certificate, an additional fee of £10 will be charged.

    More information is available on the West Mercia force’s website at

    There are plenty of members on this site who offer advice so lets target it to those who may influence the future of our sport.

    Merry Christmas and here's hoping for a good new year!


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    Shame we can't apply an administration charge to them, when they send certs back with non existant firearms / numbers etc entered on a certificate, Mike Eveleigh has mentioned the cuts in funding these people are going to get, so look out , there's an increase coming our way!

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    That is very interesting Bob, I am not a fan of BASC, but this looks like they are attempting to play a political game by finding out who are our political supporters of field sports.

    The second point is I feel is not the best advice as I am sure the police ask for renewals or variations to be put in by recorded delivery. I always do that with mine, and I know then that it has been signed for and not lost in the post.

    Still, should raise a few replys.

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    I take mine, or have someone take it for me, hand to hand, no excuses then.

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    Just been mulling over the basc thing, not everyones cup of tea granted, but to those who may feel not best served by them, with this new centre they are building, they hope to take on those that would consign our sport to the history books, it may have been overlooked by some, but the electronic age at basc will be a two way street, so when agm's are in the offing, members might well be able to make use of on line conferencing, & that way better representation could be achieved, think about it guys & gals!

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