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Thread: Dumfries Roe Bucks No Trophy Fees

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    Dumfries Roe Bucks No Trophy Fees

    Hi All

    Given Griff and a few guys out on the does recently have started to see a few good bucks moving about I figured I should get ahead of the game where the buck stalking is concerned for this season.

    I am thinking of a kind of syndicate set up for 4 rifles, self guided but with assistance if required, to stalk alternate weekends in April and May starting on the 12th/13th April for 4 weekends.

    Charge 75 plus vat per outing, with no shot fees. You can keep your first carcass.

    I am doing this with a view to establishing a more conventional syndicate arrangement on the does and bucks for next year, and so it is all about meeting the guys that may fit into that arrangement.

    Pm me if it is something you would be interested in.


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    Hi Guys,

    I am in the states still until next week Wednesday, so apologies for not being able to get back to everyone on the PM's quickly. I'm happy to chat to you all on the phone next week, but in the mean time I will add in some answers to some of the questions I have been asked.

    The ground available for stalking is about 5.000 acres. The price is per outing and there are 4 outings over the weekend, (2 each day for Saturday & Sunday) Griff will be in attendance for help with extraction or assisting stalkers get on and off of their beat. Griff will have a /quad available for help extracting, although most times you can drag to the road.

    Access will be alternate weekends starting from the 12th April. There is no limit on what bucks you can shoot or how many. Nor is there any trophy fees. You may keep the first carcass you shoot if you join for at least 2 full weekends. We require all heads be returned to Griff, for inspection, but you may keep the trophies. (This is just so we can develop a better picture of trophy quality and distribution around the estate). Additional carcasses can be purchased at game dealer rates, and badly shot carcasses must be purchased by the Stalker. All carcasses must be paid for on location. Generally we just call it 40/carcass

    All Prices are Plus VAT, and preference will be shown to stalkers with experience and the ability to take multiple weekends. However I will accommodate novices on an accompanied basis in order to help stalkers gain experience. I can only take one novice per session though.

    We can help with DSC Level 2 AW. Again I can only accommodate one per session as Griff is good but has not yet mastered the art of teleporting to be in two places at one time!!

    Bookings will be charged at the time of booking in order to secure dates. Griff counted 27 different Roe in a day last week, IIRC, but I'm sure he will pipe up with more info if he has it.


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    Hi all,

    I'm back from the states and will try to get through all the PMs as soon as I can.

    we are doing our annual muntjac cull this weekend so I'll be back in the office on Monday.


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    Hi mate can you send me some details I have 1&2 and fit for competence many thanks Neil
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    Sorry post in wrong place

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