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Thread: Sako 75 Hunter 270WSM with Wildcat Pred 8 Mod

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    Sako 75 Hunter 270WSM with Wildcat Pred 8 MOD plus lots of EXTRAS

    Sako 75 Hunter in 270 WSM with Wildcat Predator 8 moderator, both in great condition.

    Rifle owned since new, probably had 200-300 rounds through it tops.

    Not getting used so I have decided to let it go.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Details of kit as follows :

    Sako 75 Hunter in 270 WSM, barrel cut down to 20" which complete with the mod makes a lovely handling rifle. Half inch UNF thread.
    Wildcat Predator 8 sound Moderator, thread as per above.
    Various bullet heads - 37 x 130gr Hornady SST
    90 x 90gr Sierra HP Varminter
    40 x 110gr Hornady VMAX
    Brass - 80 x Remington brass ( never fired )
    20 x Remington brass ( once fired )
    30 x Norma brass ( 3xfired )
    36 x Win brass ( 4xfired )
    Circa 30 x loaded rounds also thown in.
    Redding die set (#80255 ) with shell holder

    Plus, now added the following :

    RCBS Universal decapping die
    1 part used tub RL-17
    1 part used tub RL-22
    250 Magnum primers ( CCI / Rem )
    1x 270 jag / 1x 270 brush

    One hard plastic rifle case ( last photo ) with SAKO logo

    Price is 600 ovno for the everything you see in the photos. RFD transfer cost extra.

    The scope and mounts/base are for sale on here seperately now.

    I will also include the Bipod with it, its a Rocky Mount 9-13 I think.

    PM me for further details, etc

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    If you throw in the pink bike and the bunch of bananas I might have a deal with you.
    If at first you don't succeed, reload

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    Its a deal...........

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    What's factory ammo availability like for this cal? I loved my .270 and I'm very tempted with this, do you require .270 WSM on your ticket or does .270 cal rifle cover this as South yorks can be a bit picky on what needs to be on your ticket

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    its a different case so youll need a wsm on your ticket
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    I did use some federal factory ammo i got from york guns when i first got it, they also had in some winchester too at the time. After that i got into reloading so never bothered after that.

    With regard to the ticket, mine specifies a 270 wsm so suspect yours would need to also. Then again i cant imagine it being too much hasstle to get them to amend it.

    Might be worth giving them a ring to confirm.

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    I'll give them a ring on Monday and see what they say

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    Quote Originally Posted by jase kaye View Post
    I'll give them a ring on Monday and see what they say
    The factory ammo isn't cheap, better off reloading.

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    I aint got the space, knowhow or the patience for reloading so this might be an issue if factory ammo is silly money.

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    I dont recall them being silly money mate, but i was already reloading for the 243 so it was just while i got the die and brass orhanised.

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