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Thread: Daddy's Work

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    Daddy's Work

    The teacher asked her class to write down on a piece of paper the type of work their daddies did.

    The children, very excitedly, scribbled their answers.

    One by one, the teacher asked each child to stand and describe the job.

    There was much laughter and screaming, that is apart from little Tommy.

    “Tommy, why do you look so sad?” asked the teacher.

    Tommy slowly rose to his feet, and replied: “My Dad’s a stripper in a gay bar.”

    The other children remained silent, as Tommy continued.

    “Sometimes, he doesn’t come home, and my Mummy sits crying

    Sometimes, he sells his body for other men’s pleasure.”

    There were gasps around the classroom.

    The teacher acted quickly and dismissed the children, telling them to go out and play.

    She then walked up to little Tommy, put her arm around his shoulders, and asked: “Is all that true, Tommy?”

    “No, not at all Miss. He really plays cricket for England, but I was too embarrassed to say.”

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    I find that extremely jocular. Sad to say but there are probably quite a few little Tommys around at the moment.
    Don't hide from your mates in the bush!

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    After the recent Fulham game the police find a man's body hanging in a lock up garage behind the local sports bar wearing women's tights, an orange in it's mouth, high heels in men's size 12, and a tight fitting Manchester United replica shirt. The sergeant instructs his constable to remove the Manchester United replica shirt from the body to save the family any unecessary embarassment.

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    mmm what if little Tommy said, My Dad go,s out every DAY and shoots Big red stags ,,, cuts them up and brings them Home,
    result ,,,one phone call to social service,s

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