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Thread: Underkeeper

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    I am looking for a new under-keeper, please see the advert here and apply through the normal channels if you're interested.

    Underkeeper Required For Sale in Salisbury

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    Good luck Ben,
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    whats the package like ben ?
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    Not bad i would say, newly refurbished centrally heated cottage for the right applicant, work truck and the boss gives us the right tools to do the job. Private shoot.

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    whats the pay like
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    40 k a year I believe Regards pete

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    How much?!!!!!!!!

    50 years old with 20+ years full time experience too old??

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    whats the pay like
    Depends on how good the applicant is but typical underkeeper wages really, you thinking of a change? !

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    Just interested as we may be looking for one but wondering what to pay im guessing 12-15k
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    Would depend on anything else on offer Spud such as vehicle,housing,etc etc

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