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Thread: Thanks Allan

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    Thanks Allan

    My nomad quad rider smock arrived today, and was exactly as described. Can't ask for fairer than that, so thank you Allan, nice to add another name to the list of folk that are a pleasure to deal with.
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    Well done guys.

    You got yourself a bargain there.... love my quadrider smock, if it had been a size smaller I'd have snapped it up myself as a spare!


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    And to top it off, the bloody thing seems to make me invisible to muntjac, just christened it with 2 nice little bucks who lay dead less than 5 feet apart.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Yep , they are good. I have two quadriders and the trousers too they have all seen a fair bit of use BUT the rain is starting to get in on the oldest one(5 yo) and the trousers leak at the seams My mate Giles is on his 3rd quadrider as the first two leaked ! He only bought the first at last years show !! The kit is however silent , windproof , light and looks good.

    I'll be having words with the chap at Nomad at the show next week apparently he is very fair and is keen to sort any problems.

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