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Thread: Single Shot Rifles - Anyone Use One

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    Single Shot Rifles - Anyone Use One

    Had the pleasure of handling an old Mauser 98 Target Signle barrel job last night. I must say it was sooooo light, it got me thinking about going single shot.

    The weight saving in the action/lack of mag may allow me the match accuracy I like, with a heavy barrelled rifle that I can actually carry all day. I'm in the market for a target rifle but it'd be nice to have something I can take on the hill.

    Anyone here using a single shot? I do like the idea of getting something out of the norm. Be interested to know peoples' experiences.

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    Does a 45/120 sharps count?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Had one for a while in RPA flavour, once mastered it's every bit as quick as floorplate or Mag fed. Would not say there's much on the way of weight saving though more to the point of not fiddling with bottom metal. I shot McQueens with it a few times and it was fine.
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    I'm not sure I can visualise the rifle you describe - do you mean a bolt-action rifle built on a Mauser 98 action, but single-shot?

    I have a single-shot bolt-action rifle, but it is a target-rifle: the combination of a very stiff, heavy action (no mag slot - steel all around) with a 30" barrel and iron sights renders it of no use for anything but target-shooting.

    I wouldn't think the weight saved by not having a mag would be made up for by the inconvenience of single-loading a bolt-action. Nor am I altogether sure that a good heavy barrel will shoot any better than a good sporting barrel under normal stalking circumstances.

    Others might disagree, however...

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    Single shot bolt guns are as previsouly said pretty much target guns. Traditional singles shots and their modern equivalents are generally fitted with two-piece stocks so getting them to shoot well can take a bit of effort. I hunted for several years in Bavaria (Barbaria as my wife calls it) with a Ruger No. 1 RSI in 7 Mauser. Was a great gun with secure scope mounts and shot well but it went down the road to finance another toy. Only downside was it was actually heavier than a similiar bolt gun I had. Perhaps if the stock were not full length it might have been marginally lighter. If you can get something like one of the German break-opens there could be a weight savings but not likely to get a heavy barrel in one.

    FWIW: I now hunt exclusively with single shots but they are either Remington rolling blocks or Sharps M1874s using black powder cartridges.


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    Just bought a new No1 in 7mm Rem Mag, hopefully be zeroing this weekend all ready for some Roe stalking next weekend, will let you know how I get on.

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    I can see the utility of a single shot rifle for stalking insofar as break-actions and falling/rolling-blocks of various sorts offer a shorter and handier rifle for a given barrel-length.

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    Get a Handi Rifle, they come in .17 up to 45/70 or 500 S&W and are a joy to shoot.

    I have an Advanced Armaments custom one in 300aac Blackout, 495 new, puts a smile on my face every time I shoot it

    Standard kit

    And "Tarted Up" version

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    Only when I forget the bloody magazine!!!!!

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    single shot baikal ,not a work of art , but shoot better than you might think

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