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Thread: Patterdale Terrier

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    Patterdale Terrier


    Looking for a dog pup around early April, recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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    Look on the Hunting Life forum, countrymans weekly or contact Nuttall.

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    What do you want it for? If its for earthwork make sure its from good working lines. I can ask around here, there are often pups for sale, and they are all from good working parents.
    Ive got a Nuttall, she's a cracking dog but has proven a bit hard. I mostly use her for dogging-in now with my Cocker, it keeps her looking pretty!!
    Work them hard, treat them like heros.

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    Thanks for the comments. I'm looking to use the dog for earthwork, ratting and at least sniffing out a deer that has gone to ground (will they do this?) Did a day of earthwork with them and thought they were a cracking little job. My job circumstances have now changed so I can be with the dog all day so not too concerned about it being 'high maintenance'

    Any recommendations/details of owners would be greatly apreciated. Don't want the dog to have too much staffy in it though

    many thanks


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    I was browsing on Gumtree last night and saw a litter of Parrerdales for sale in East Sussex if that helps.

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    Our local terrier man hails from Sussex and has a brother in hunt service there sure he will know someone .i will ask

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    Helps a lot. if you could get in touch that would be great.


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    Im mating my pat as soon as shes in heat (which should be soon)with a red pat, both work ground

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    Could you post a picture of her please?

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    have you email

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