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Thread: Help With LR Defender Wiper Control Thing

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    Question Help With LR Defender Wiper Control Thing

    The wipers and windscreen wash pump have packed up on my late 2005 Defender. Any idea where whatever controls both is located please? I've checked fuses and all OK so assume there is some kind of control module either as an integral component of the three-position steering column switch or as a standalone module.

    Many thanks


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    if it is a td5 then wiper motor is in the dash pas side had trouble with mine not turning off and it was the motor not the switch like you would think

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    try this site feller if you lived nr me i would do it for you
    Defender2 - Index bit of dash to come out on the lefthand side to get to relay if power is going to the stick and comeing out to the wiper relay and switch just go to the motor if not try putting a power probe to the stork and see if that makes thing come on life,

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    Thanks Paul

    I'll have a dig around tomorrow.


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    Try the connector going into the motor, I removed mine, replaced it, then found out it was just a bit of corrosion causing a poor connection. Are you getting any noise from the washer pump, if so it might just be clogged

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