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Thread: Schmidt bender PMII 10x42

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    Schmidt bender PMII 10x42

    Reluctant sale as I need a scope with PX on it for an Archer

    Schmidt bender 10x42 PMII 1cm Clicks with zero stop on elevation turret. Bryant reticle 30mm tube in excellent condition, apart from a couple of marks on the body and there is a ring mark on the rear which has removed the paint. the turrets show hardly any wear and the glass is spotless, and the image is crystal clear as youd exspect very rare scope (especially with Bryant ret) and I don't really want to part with it but after speaking to starlight this morning they say I need a scope with PX so it's got to go, Can email photos later if you PM me, it doesn't have the original box but will be posted in one,

    Maybe consider swap against an NXS or a IOR must have a side parralex
    something similar

    Price is 750 with RMSD

    Also advertised elsewhere
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    All pms answered and pics sent I hope..

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    Suprised this has'nt gone hopefully these will help

    Library Slideshow by Robintucker | Photobucket
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    725 including RMSD

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    I'd would have been very tempted had it been a mildot version.


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    Thanks Hornet it's a cracking little scope, I have one in mildot this ret is good aswell a bit finer perhaps but still very nice......

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    Right last price reduction..

    700 posted to your door

    I need this gone

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    Right this is the last one 650 buyer pays for post.... Or has someone got something to swap???

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    Sent you a Pm on UKV, Cheers

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    Sold to mike pending the usual

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